Texas Traditions Plus One

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Dress: Shop Hopes (10% OFF entire purchase: SUNSHINESTILETTOS // Ring: Forever 21 (old)

In Texas it’s always tradition to take pictures with our state flower – bluebonnets. I’m not sure why it’s tradition to take pictures in a bunch of blue weeds, but let’s just not ask questions. Most of the bluebonnets tend to spring up along the highways too so come April, you see everyone on the side of highways having a photo shoot. It’s quite humorous honestly to see especially if you’re from out of the area. I guess it’s just another one of those strange things that only Texans will understand…

I’m a little obsessed with this dress. It’s really flattering and flow-y which I LOVE. Nothing is better than a comfortable maxi. Maxis are definitely a Spring/Summer Staple. I can’t get enough of them. And the price of this dress is the best part! You can snag this dress for only $41.99 plus a 10% discount, making it only $37! Doesn’t get much better than that. Check out the rest of the site and get 10% off your entire purchase plus FREE shipping with SUNSHINESTILETTOS :)

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They’ve Got A Good Rep!

Sunshine & Stilettos:

Hey ladies! I would love to be your shophopes rep! Check out my Instagram and feel free to ask questions! I try to answer everyone and send out tons and tons of alerts! I’m also a fashion student so I can offer advice if you need it :) xoxo

Katlyn Maupin
Texas State University
Instagram: @shophopesreptexas

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You can do a lot with a good rep… get in to a good school, easily get a new job, earn the trust of those around you. You earn a good rep, you work to keep it and by all means you’re proud of it.

But what about a Hope’s rep?

You see ladies, no matter where you’ve been or who thinks what about you in that tiny little town, Hope’s is freely giving you a good rep. She’ll be your shopping advocate, she’ll keep you informed. She’ll never judge you, and as long as you stay by her side, you’ll get all the things you desire.

Our Hope’s reps are women of all ages, all backgrounds and all walks of life. They’ve come together with us to offer you the best. They use every avenue they can think of to let you know whats going on at Hope’s and…

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Bold Brights


Handbag: Persun Mall ($56) // Dress: SheInside (28) // Lipstick: MAC ($16) // Earrings: Kendra Scott (Neiman Marcus Exclusive; $85) // Bracelet: Benevolent Jewels ($38.99 – 20% OFF with: KMCODE20) // Necklace: SheInside ($13) // Heels: Persun Mall ($104)

First off, I’d like to apologize for not posting pictures recently. School has been crazy hectic and hopefully I’ll be posting like crazy shortly when things finally slow down. For now though I figured I’d share some of the pretty little things I’ve been going crazy over lately! Spring has sprung and I can’t get enough of bright blues and pinks! I’m loving them paired together too. Colorblocking is probably in my top 10 favorite things ever and it’s always my go-to when piecing together outfits. These bold pieces are all at killer price points for the most part and I am terrible at turning down a good deal! I wish I was rolling around in money and throwing it in the air watching it fall around me, but instead the only papers that will be falling around me for now are pieces of notebook paper flooded with statistics problems (YUCK!). Alas, I’m constantly trying to find “the look for less.” This bag is absolutely amazing and it’s the perfect color! It’s inspired by this Phillip Lim handbag, but without the $650 price tag (only a killer $58!). It also comes in black and white. You can also get these amazing Valentino rockstud inspired heels from the same site. I freaked out a little when I saw them. Obsessed.

Can we talk about how perfect this dress and necklace is?! I’m addicted to the high neckline. It’s great for big statement necklaces and adds a touch of modesty. The necklace is also inspired by Lulu Frost for J. Crew but only 1/12 of the price! Can’t beat it! You can find an abundance of other J. Crew inspired jewels at Benevolent Jewels (including the gold pave link bracelet) for a fraction of the price plus an additional 20% OFF when you use KMCODE20 at checkout!

Last but not least, Kendra Scott has done it again! These earrings are incredible. To say I’m in love would be an understatement. I cringe a little just thinking about spending $85 on a pair of earrings, but I can tell you first hand that Kendra Scott’s quality is amazing! I’ve never been disappointed with any of the 10+ Kendra Scott pieces I own. These are sold exclusively at Neimans and they aren’t in either store surrounding me, so I’d suggest buying online because that may be the case for you also! The best thing about these earrings are that they are clip-on so they won’t tear your ears due to the weight. I had surgery on my right ear 2 weeks back after my earring got completely ripped out of my ear, so I won’t be able to wear earrings for 3 months. Clip-ons will definitely be my saving grace!

Sorry this is so long! Hope y’all are having an amazing week.



Monogram Mania: Exclusive Discount

3″ Monogram Decal $3 // Monogrammed License Plate $20 // Monogrammed Mason Jar $10 // Monogrammed Organizational Bucket $12 // Monogrammed Key Chain $13

If you’re anything like me, you feel some strange need to monogram absolutely anything! I’m not quite sure how or why this craze came about, but I’m obsessed. Monogram decals make it so easy to monogram absolutely anything: laptops,bibles, college schoolwork binders, iPad cases. You name it – I’ve probably monogrammed it. These 3″ decals from Pink Gator Monograms make it so easy to monogram anything your heart desires. This adorable monogram specialty shop also has more of your monogram needs including organizational buckets, key chains, license plates, and my favorite – mason jars! I’m definitely one of those people who find it necessary to drink all my beverages out of mason jars, so the fact that I can drink out of a MONOGRAMMED mason jar now…I just can’t even contain my excitement. These adorable jars would also be so cute for you and all your bridesmaids at a southern style wedding. And what could be a more perfect way to celebrate than by drinking out of a mason jar with your new monogram on it while getting all dolled up in the bridal suite?! The best part about all these goodies is that they are super inexpensive! On top of that, I also have a 10% OFF code for all my lovely readers. Just enter “classygirl” at checkout!

“My rule is, if it’s not moving – monogram it!” -Reece Witherspoon


Shop Hope’s Heaven: Exclusive Discount!

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10dress_main_58415374-eb37-468e-ad3a-b881986dc64b_1024x1024 9dress_main_9ef99457-b421-4967-a75f-fc95a9e7ceb3_1024x1024
9dress_main_8b142842-c6f2-4d4a-adfc-f793e168a8b1_1024x1024 9_dress_main_1024x1024

I went a little overboard with images in this post today because I’m absolutely STOKED about how cute all these outfits are from ShopHopes.com and simply couldn’t narrow down my favorites any further! I am a Shop Hopes representative and am so excited to share with y’all an exclusive discount code that will take 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE! You will realize how handy this code will come in when you become as addicted to online shopping at this boutique as I have. Just use code: SUNSHINESTILETTOS at checkout for an awesome discount! Shop Hopes has the absolute best prices you will find at boutiques selling the same products. They even carry your favorite brands such as MINUET, Everly, and Judith March! New arrivals are posted every weekday so follow their instagram @ShopHopes for all the fantastic new arrivals and follow my representative instagram @boutiquediscounts for my top picks from ShopHopes.com as well as discount codes for other boutiques that I have exclusive discounts for! You don’t want to miss out on these great deals at fabulous prices! Also, items sell out quick so if you love something, snag it right away! Always FREE SHIPPING! Discount Code never expires.

My Top Picks:

1. Camel Fringe Crossbody Bag
2. Caribbean Green Maxi Dress, Black Fringe Crossbody
3. Peplum Top
4. Light Pink Top and Patterned Shorts
5. Spike Bracelets
6. Cream Dress
7. J. Crew Inspired Floral Necklace
8. Red Maxi
9. Striped Top and Green Scalloped Shorts
10. Leopard Dress, Black Wedges, Black Handbag
11. Light Purple Lace Maxi Dress with Open Back
12. Brown Wedges
13. Little Black Dress, Black Pumps

Happy Shopping! ;)